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Alumni Newsletter #2, July 2014

Dear Alumni,

This November Hotelschool The Hague celebrates its 85th anniversary. A great opportunity to look back and cherish our legacy, whilst looking forward to the future as we continuously develop our strong and internationally recognised education and brand; Hotelschool The Hague. You, as our Alumni, are of great value as part of our legacy as well as our future.

Keeping in touch with you is very important to us. Exchanging ideas on trends & developments of our education and the demands of the ‘Hospitality Business' is what binds us. 

Recently I have had the opportunity to meet ambitious, enthusiastic Alumni in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I am impressed with their achievements and proud to call them Alumni of Hotelschool The Hague. In Shanghai, Johannes Adler and Martin van der Valk have been tremendously helpful in sharing their resources and knowledge to broaden our recruitment efforts in China and to start the Alumni Shanghai Chapter. 

A warm welcome to the new HTH Alumni Dubai Chapter, founded by Gustavo de Hostos, Anne Overwater and Felix Hamman and a big thank you also to Dirk-Jan Rijks, Floortje Cleef and Nellie Rogers in Singapore who recently started the HTH Alumni Singapore Chapter. 

Meanwhile, the vibe in London continues; the HTH Alumni London Chapter organised another very successful event at the European Headquarters of Apple in London, attended by over 50 alumni. A great event, my compliments to the board members; Christopher Exler, Alexander Rae and Benjamin White. More about this event and the opportunities for you to start your own HTH Alumni Chapter can be found in this newsletter.    

We would like to invite you to ‘sign in’ at your local chapter; we have now chapters in London and Singapore; and Dubai is about to launch. If you are interested in opening a local chapter please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, you can also join Hotelschool The Hague Alumni on LinkedIn and be part of that community. We are proud of all our Alumni; to me you are great role models for our present students.

Finally, from the campuses The Hague and Amsterdam, we send you all our best wishes for the summer which may be an extremely busy period for a lot of you. Take care and stay well. 

With warmest regards,

Susanne Stolte 
President Board of Directors Hotelschool The Hague

Save the date!

This year we will celebrate Hotelschool The Hague's 85th Anniversary! Please save the evening of 15 November 2014 from 6pm at our Amsterdam campus for this very special Alumni Reunion. We will keep you updated on the festivities in the next Alumni Newsletter.

Hotelschool The Hague proudly presents
its new Master’s programme

Hotelschool The Hague launches its new Master’s programme starting September
2014. The overall objective of the Master's programme is to educate specialists, who are able to create and implement hospitable service experience(s) as key differentiators for organisations both inside and outside the hospitality industry.

The programme will be facilitated at the Amsterdam campus. The 14 courses of the programme each focus on an area of knowledge or skills required to become specialist in service innovation using hospitality as the leading principle in service design and service innovation.

The courses cover topics such as hospitality in perspective, hospitality audit, business strategy, hospitality experience design, financial decisions, organisational behaviour, leading change, digital technology and personnel economics. The courses are part the three phases; Discover, Design and Deliver.

The faculty of the Master's programme are specialists in their field(s) of expertise. Specialists that are willing and have the ability to share their experience and knowledge with the students. Professionals that inspire students with ‘their story’, have a strong vision and opinion and are open for a discussion with the students. Additionally, external company visits and a study trip are part of the 13 month programme. Bachelor graduates with an economic related Bachelor programme background, who have a passion for hospitality and want to make a difference in and for an organisation, have the right profile for applying for the Master's programme. 

For more information read our online brochure or click below to visit our website.


City Ambassadors

During the Hockey World Cup in The Hague, City Ambassadors trained by HTH welcomed over 200,000 visitors.

HBO Monitor

HBO-Monitor results: 94% of Hotelschool Graduates would recommend Hotelschool The Hague to family and friends.

Zoover Award

The Skotel in Amsterdam is proud to be acknowledged with the ‘Zoover Recommended 2014’ stamp.

Nuclear Summit

80 HTH students worked at the Nuclear Summit in The Hague to deliver the best service to the 58 world leaders.


HSD is a global alliance of premier Hotel Schools in partnership with hospitality industry leaders.

Debating Contest

Hotelschool The Hague runner up in debating contest at Passion 4 Hospitality student conference in the UK.


The team of student Dennis Davidson was awarded first place at this years Young Hoteliers Summit

HTH Charity

HTH students helped to build a school in a village in Sri Lanka. They did this thanks to €4000 they raised with a High Tea for Charity.

Thesis Award

Student Daniella Boeken of Hotelschool The Hague was runner up for this years Thesis Award.

Outdoor Programme for Alumni

Hotelschool The Hague Consultancy & Training, your life-long learning partner, launches an outdoor programme for professionals.

The Consultancy & Training department developed an intensive three-day leadership programme. We have over twenty years of experience in offering this intensive, valuable and successful training. This programme is based on the much appreciated outdoor programme we offer our students. 

Our promise to you and your team members is that you will come back as better leaders, you will know how to use your leadership skills in an optimal way to get the best out of your colleagues and team.

Graduates 2014

Congratulations to our new graduates from The Hague and Amsterdam campus. We wish you all the best in your future careers!


We wish all our alumni who recently changed jobs or got promoted all the best in their new jobs! Please keep us updated and send your updates to

Roderick Smith

General Manager of the Radisson Hotel in Kaliningrad, Russia

Denise Matthijsse

Director of Food & Beverage for luxury resort LVMH Cheval Blanc Randheli

Harriëtte Loeffen

Manager Sponsoring and Fundraising for Theater Carré, Amsterdam

Bas van Rooij

Revenue Manager for IBIS Stopera, Amsterdam

Peter Heule 

Managing Director for Short Stay Group in Paris, Barcelona & Amsterdam


Congratulations to all the new mothers and fathers with the birth of their babies!

Izzy Liv Maria 

Daughter of Rachel Henshuys (2003)


Daughter of Laura van Lingen (2000)

Kasper Mark 

Son of Alcidie Mommers-van der Meulen


Daugther of Iris Winkelmolen


Son of Maryse van de Velde


Daughter of Laurens Visser (2007)


Son of Merel Piekaar (2006)


Son of Maurice van Dongen (2007)

Hospitality Management Club

May we present ourselves:
"For 20 years now, the Hospitality Management Club has been the hidden gem of the alumni association and policy. Founded by a group of enthusiastic Hotelschool The Hague students, the HMC first gathered in 1994. The objective is to meet a few times a year and to combine knowledge sharing, visiting an interesting location and have simply a nice and culinary moment together. All students at a (senior) management level or equivalent can become a member. The HMC currently counts 120 members. HMC organises 5 to 6 annual events. The link to Hotelschool The Hague is a must, as our education is unique."

Alumni Chapters

Keeping in touch with you, our Alumni of Hotelschool The Hague, is very important to us. Hotelschool The Hague Alumni occupy leading positions in hospitality and hospitality related industries all over the globe. We believe local HTH Alumni Chapters are a powerful networking platform for all our HTH Alumni. 

We are proud to tell you that the Alumni Singapore Chapter has launched its own Facebook page, a job well done by Dirk-Jan Rijks, Floortje Cleef and Nellie Rogers. The new HTH Alumni Dubai Chapter, founded by Gustavo de Hostos, Anne Overwater and Felix Hamman is about to launch. Keep an eye out for the announcement...

Next to these chapters, new HTH Alumni Chapters are being formed in Berlin, Curaçao, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali and Stockholm. With the establishments of these local chapters the spirit of our special HTH community is kept alive in all corners of the world. So if you are in (or close) to these cities, make sure you join them! 

If you feel inspired to take ownership for establishing your own Alumni Chapter in your current city of residence, then please contact us at Via the Read More button below, you can find a ‘how to’ on the subject of opening a new HTH Alumni Chapter.

Alumni Chapter News

Dubai Chapter

The Hotelschool Alumni Dubai Chapter will be launched on Thursday 9 October 2014, from 7pm - 9pm. Location: TBA.

Alumni Event

Alumni Event @ Apple’s European Headquarters in London on 11 June 2014. Read more

Industry Relations Office 

With the establishment of the Industry Relation Office, the Hotelschool chooses to actively encourage students, faculty and employees to adopt an outward focus and to further improve the fit between school and industry, research, theory & practice as well as align her curricula with the changing needs of the industry.

The Industry Exchange is an initiative, coordinated by the Industry Office of Hotelschool The Hague – The Industry Exchange is aimed at encouraging the exchange of knowledge between Hotelschool alumni, Industry and faculty in an interactive fashion.

2014 Calendar:

  • 19 September: Leadership Conference / Hotel Vrijmibo - Amsterdam Campus
  • 2 October: Career Market - Amsterdam Campus
  • 14 November: 85th Anniversary 'Celebrating the Future' - The Hague Campus
  • 15 November: 85th Anniversary 'Celebrating the Future' - Amsterdam Campus

Where are they now?

Mark de
Leeuwerk (2006)

Director of Food & Beverage at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Marjolein Broodman (2013)

HR Coordinator at Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. 

Gustavo de
Hostos (2013)

Managing Director of H-Hospitality Middle East

Thank you!

We received many great responses to our first newsletter. Thank you for all your comments and feedback.

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