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Our Bachelor Programme

Our international renowned programme is your passport to the world!

NSE results 2015

NSE results 2015

Top 3 Best Ranked of ALL universities/HBOs in The Netherlands!

Our Master Programme

Our Master Programme

Focus on hospitality innovation. Start September 2015 at our Amsterdam Campus.

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Hotels & Restaurants

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"I always keep my expectations high and I do believe that only with hard work I can reach my goals."
Andreas (Student)
"My interest in mindfulness keeps me focused on what is important in life and work."
Mr Kapur (Lecturer)
"Hotelschool The Hague not only taught me about hospitality, business and management, but it prepared me for life."
Sonia (Alumna)
"I don't know if you can imagine what it's like to live here."
Malte (Student)

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Recognition selfie @ the 10th Recognition Dinner for Excellent First Year Students in The Hague. Thank you @florisdrapers for the picture!
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The 10th Recognition Dinner for Excellent First Year Students was organised this week. This dinner for students who achieved their Propaedeutic within one year is not only a recognition for all involved, it also motivates the students to persist in getting great results.
Amazing students, well done!

If you have the opportunity to see the world. Just take it and go!
- Lausanne G. and Pauline V.

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Check out our brand new homepage! We hope you like it!

Congratulations to all our amazing faculty and staff members who were nominated and who won during the annual Hotelschool Stars event, organised by our students!

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion." Football Team Amsterdam

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Filming for 4 days between Paris and Bordeaux was a great experience, the episodes will be on TV on 3 and 4 June. I am so thankful for everyone who has voted for me already. Hopefully I will continue to the last 4 and make another bigger trip with BNN this summer! - Alon N.

Our student Alon is competing to win a dreamjob at BNN! Please vote for him and show your support
#HTHstudentsareawesome #votenow #hotelschoolthehague #hotelschool

Alumni spotted at the Rolling Kitchens food truck festival this weekend in Amsterdam:

"It's hard work, but it's such a kick to see long lines and people loving your food!"

Jord Althuizen (Smokey Goodness), Philip Paternotte (Grizzl) and Michiel de Kloet (Of Je Spaanse Worst Lust)

Seize all opportunities in life.
- Evelien L.

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