The Netherlands is a great country to live in, you will find the Dutch are generally very friendly to internationals. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, art & music and much more. There is more than enough to enjoy during your stay in The Netherlands.

At Hotelschool the Hague you are part of a warm and exciting diverse community, full of different nationalities, languages and cultures. Our community is spread over two vibrant campuses, in The Hague and Amsterdam. Each of these is your gateway to the world. You will live, work and grow here.

Our Campus

Both of our excellently facilitated campuses will make you feel right at home. In The Hague you live in the lively coastal resort and port of Scheveningen, both close to The Hague’s city centre and very close to the beach. The Skotel is a 10 minute walk away from school. In Amsterdam, both the school and the Skotel are located in the same, completely refurbished building, just outside the beautiful and historic centre of Amsterdam.

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The Amsterdam Campus


The Hague Campus

The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city of the Netherlands and also its political heart, seating the government in the city as well as housing the Dutch royal family. The Hague is internationally known as the international city of peace and justice, being the main platform for human rights.

When walking around The Hague you will quickly notice it has a distinct international character. It is home to more than 150 international organisations including EU institutions, multinational companies and embassies. In The Hague there are also many students, about 32,000 to be exact. A large part of these are international students, they find it very easy to navigate because of the international character of the city.

Officially The Hague is not a city but a large village, this translates in a warm and welcoming feeling. The city is filled with beautiful parks, impressive architecture, prestigious art galleries and a wide variety of attractive shopping opportunities. It also has a coastline of 11km, this part of the city is Scheveningen.

In the summer the beach of Scheveningen is full of life with events such as the International Fireworks Festival and parties all across the boulevard. Scheveningen is not the only place where the city comes to life. In the centre of The Hague you can go the "het Plein" or "de Grote Markt", here you find a different cafe or bar for any mood you're in. These hotspots are especially nice to visit for a Dutch "borrel" (a borrel is where Dutch people get a drink after work/school, often accompanied by fried snacks)

One of the things that The Hague is the most famous for is the music scene. Many Dutch bands have started out playing here, playing at "het Paard van Troje". This place is a great place to hear live music and also organises the annual introduction party for The Hague’s "OH OH INTRO Afterparty".

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and also the largest city of our country. This great city is famous around the world as an epic holiday location, but it is so much more. The city is full of charm, history, art and culture. Like any capital, Amsterdam is full of people and there is always something going on and something to do. If you want culture we have museums, theatres and cinemas in abundance to keep you entertained. If you want food there are little restaurants in every corner of the city, to meet any craving.

The nightlife of Amsterdam is perhaps one of the most prominent of the whole country. There is a wide range of club and bars to celebrate any occasion. The city has a strong connection to electronic, house and techno music. Many believe that this is where it started, mainly because we produced so many brilliant DJs. This affiliation is celebrated with the Amsterdam Dance Event annually and large music festivals throughout the year.

Living in Amsterdam you will quickly fall in love with your surroundings. The beautiful architecture, the rich history, but also the beautiful city centre with it’s lovely canals and over 1,500 bridges, the 17th century merchant houses and the countless side-streets with hip boutiques. The laid-back atmosphere makes Amsterdam a great city to live and study in.

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