How can we help your business?

How can we help your business?

How can we help your business?

Research Brochures

Brochure: Hospitality Business Research
The Hospitality Research Centre of Hotelschool The Hague focuses on answering the main challenges concerning the industry and its latest trends. The university-wide Hospitality Research Centre was founded in 2010 and since then it is our mission is to support hospitality organisations and professionals with outstanding and innovative research. The prestige and quality of our research is attested by publications in renowned journals and books regularly.

The Hospitality Research Centre supports hospitality businesses and other organisations were hospitality makes a difference with:

  • Market outlooks
  • Concept development and service design
  • Future scenarios to support strategy development
  • Guest satisfaction and guest experience research
  • Staff recruitment and selection
  • Toolboxes for small and medium enterprises
  • Any specific research questions you may have in the field of hospitality

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Brochure: City Hospitality
Find out how hospitable your city is! 

Hotelschool The Hague is consistently ranked as one of the top Hotel Schools in the world and has been ‘At the heart of Hospitality’ since 1929. The Hospitality Research Centre of Hotelschool the Hague encourages interdisciplinary research with a strong practice-oriented focus, and (inter)national collaborative dimensions. As experts in City Hospitality excellence, it is our mission to value cities and cities’ stakeholders through the implementation of hospitality philosophies and concepts,which help cities to make the difference for their visitors, residents and organisations. With our unique approach, we combine education, organisations and municipalities to increase City Hospitality.

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Are you interested in:

  • Inspirational keynotes about the power and advantages of City Hospitality
  • Research to identify the touch point experiences of your city
  • Building your visitor personas
  • Developing a dashboard that measures the hospitality in your city
  • Advice about implementing hospitality within your community
  • Training and support

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Keynote speakers and Guest lecturers

Jeroen Oskam specialises in strategic foresight and scenario planning for the hospitality industry. His research focuses on mid and long term developments in hospitality and tourism to help businesses and destinations anticipate opportunities that lie ahead in the next 5-10 years. Jeroen has been a keynote speaker and conference moderator on topics related to:

  • Tourist development strategies
  • The future of hospitality
  • Hospitality and tourism education
  • Disruptive business models in the hospitality and tourist industries
  • Scenario planning

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