"Hospitality Pays Off" Toolbox

Enhancing Guest Experience
We offer an innovative and user-friendly toolbox that will enhance the guest experience of hospitality companies. This toolbox is designed to help hospitality companies, as well as other companies in which hospitality and service play an important role, select and train genuinely hospitable staff.

Gastvrijheid Verdient ("Hospitality Pays Off")
The toolbox has been developed by the “RAAK Gastvrijheid Verdient” project team, a cooperation between Hotelschool The Hague, Saxion and hotel companies.

The Toolbox
The tool will always be customised for the specific circumstances of each hospitality organisation. Each organisation is unique, with specific values and wishes.

  • Personality test: An online platform gives you the opportunity to upload the candidates you want to have a selection interview with. Prior to their arrival the candidates will fill in a personality test in an attractive app. You will receive an advice based on the fit of the candidate that you can take along in your hire decision.
  • Selection interview: We have developed a unique and user-friendly design to use during the selection interview. This tool will make the selection interview fun for both the selector and the candidate. And most important will give you all the information you need to know about the candidate
  • Work situation: The tool that is used during the selection interview can also be used during various work situations. Our manual shows you new ways to talk and train your employees to become genuine hospitable and happy.

More Information​
Please contact us to receive a customised offer for your organisation

City Hospitality Toolkit

The City Hospitality Toolkit is developed from different subjects of the Research Centre. The tools and examples will help to develop city visions and programmes with better hospitality experiences as a result.

The toolkit exists of the following components:

  • Awareness
  • Insight
  • Vision
  • Choice and Focus
  • Programs
  • Dashboard

The steps from the toolkit have a logical connection, but they don’t have a set order. Feel free to randomly go through the topics to get inspired by ideas and visions.

Revenue Management Self-scan

The Revenue Management Self-scan for Independent Hotels has been specially developed for independent (non-chain) hotels with a need for new insights into the opportunities and options for further improving their revenue.

By completing a short questionnaire, your chart whith specific points of attention will lead to potential points of improvement. After completing the questionnaire, you can directly view your results online for each section, including a summary of the recommendations. You also see how you score against other hotels that have completed the self-scan.

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