Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ is the new European program for education, youth and sport. The program takes place from 2014 till 2021. The Erasmus+ grant is intended for students who go on placement abroad (but within Europe) as a contribution towards the extra costs; travelling expenses for example, or the cost of living in the host country. The Erasmus grant is not intended to cover all the costs of a stay in a foreign country.

In 2013 HTH became holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) 2014-2021.

*The Erasmus Policy Statement is subject to change



  • You are registered as full-time student at Hotelschool The Hague.
  • Your placement has been approved by the Placement Office.
  • Your placement is full time, between 36 and 40 hours per week.
  • Minimum stay 2 months and maximum stay 12 months per placement

* The maximum amount of months can you receive the grant is 12, so you can apply twice. Once during practical placement and again during Lycar. However the total amount of months you are able to receive the grant remains 12 months, so both placements are added up.
Example 1: During practical placement you received a grant for 5 months, so you can receive a grant for 7 months during your Lycar placement.

Participating countries

Member States of the European Union

Belgium  Bulgaria  Czech Republic  Denmark  Germany
Estonia  Ireland  Greece  Spain  France  Croatia  Italy
Cyprus  Latvia  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Hungary
Malta  Austria  Poland  Portugal  Romania
Slovenia  Slovakia  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom

Non EU Programme Countries

former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  Iceland  
Liechtenstein  Norway  Turkey


How much grant you will receive depends on the country you are going for your placement. The placement countries are divided into different categories;




By missing the application deadline you will be automatically be put on a waiting list. Only if we have budget left after we assigned the grant to the students who did meet the deadline, you might still receive the grant.

Please note that receiving the Erasmus+ Grant is not a certainty, the budget is limited and it is always a matter of availability and personal circumstances of the applicants. This is important to remember when planning your budgeting for your internship.

The complete procedure and all the information can be found on the work site of Placement Office on