Alumni event in Singapore

8 May 2015

On 12 March, the Hotelschool The Hague Alumni Chapter in Singapore celebrated their second get-together at the well-known Singapore Polo Club. A Club that has been around for many years and holds more than 200 horses!

Our Alumnus, Rene Verhulst, General Manager of the Club was kind enough to host us for this memorable event. Rene recently joined the club and was visibly proud to tell us more about the club and its history. The club is actually more than a hundred years old, established in 1914.

Stijn Welkers, member of the Club, enthusiastic Polo player and captain of his team gave an impressive presentation. He spoke about his passion for this sport as well as some of the rules one needs to know. Although played by few people around the world, it is called the “Game of Kings” and it is not an entirely safe sport either. People stop playing for 2 reasons: they run out of money or they have an unfortunate accident on the field.

It was great to see some new and familiar faces at this event and the trend has been set to have more events like this. Our Chapter is relatively small in size, however the bonding one feels at these events remains unique. Stories of the “good old days” at Hotelschool The Hague are always a subject of discussion! Whether it is about the cooking classes we dreaded or the wonderful internships we did.

Some of us will be participating in the soon to come HTH selection day for high school graduates. Which proves the point once more that our institute is truly global and international!

Kind regards,

Dirk-Jan Rijks