Alumni Help Requested

5 July 2016

Do you remember the time where you had strategic management at HTH? The course still exists and is now called strategic development (SDV) where students are challenged to use strategic thinking, in order to develop business strategy for a case company.


We, a group of twenty dedicated and passionate Hotelschool students took the initiative to take the hospitality experience even across the borders by working on the strategy project in Miami!


Being abroad in a new environment and working with a real life case company will require us to think on a higher level and challenge us throughout the process. By gaining this experience in a changing environment, we are learning from the best practices and hope to boost our future management skills and increase our network.

However, to also make this experience happen for those people who cannot afford it, we are in search of some financial support.


What is in for YOU?

By sponsoring us, we will promote your company via our social media channels; promotion video, after movie, posts and pictures. You can use the videos for your own promotion as well, stating that your company is supporting quality education for HTH students. You are of course welcome to contribute as much or as little as you want, every contribution is highly appreciated and will be received with a big thank you.

Please follow our social media pages to stay up to date or write us an email for more information.

P. S. Any advice or ideas for this project are more than welcomed.



Facebook: SDV Abroad Miami 1617A / SDV Abroad Hotelschool The Hague

Instagram: sdv_abroad