City Hospitality Embassy of The Hague

18 June 2015

City Hospitality Embassy of The Hague, published in the 5th edition of Brand Design, a recently released textbook by Pearson (chapter ‘Brand Activation’).

The case, written by Jan Huizing M.A. (lecturer Strategy & City Hospitality) and Karoline Wiegerink Ph.D. RM (lector City Hospitality), both of Hotelschool The Hague, is about City Marketing: the profiling (Brand Design), promotion and bringing to life (Brand Activation) of a city for its inhabitants, companies and visitors. Municipalities increasingly realise that there is much to be gained by regarding themselves as a brand. A new sphere of competence in addition to City Marketing is that of City Hospitality, which aims to create optimal hospitality in the city so that its residents, companies and visitors are given the feeling that they are truly welcome and form part of the city. In this way, they will be happier to live and run businesses there, as well as to visit it and return. A unique example of City Hospitality is the ‘Embassy of The Hague’: over 300 enthusiastic City Hosts who gave a warm welcome to the 2014 Hockey World Championship in The Hague. This is an initiative of the municipality of The Hague and Hotelschool The Hague.

To read the Case in Dutch, please click here; for English version- please click here.

Presentation of the Brand Design textbook: Ruud Boer (lead author) with Karoline Wiegerink and Jan Huizing