EuroCHRIE 2013

10 November 2013

Stéphanie Visser Alumna (2013), conducted her Lycar assignment for the Research Centre, which resulted in an academic paper. Her paper was accepted for presentation by the European Conference of Hospitality Educators (EuroCHRIE), with her achievements even more apparent as she was the only bachelor-level student presenting at the conference.

Stéphanie Visser conducted a research study for Ms Tromp, senior research fellow in the field of the Birkman Method. Stéphanie’s research study resulted in an academic paper. Ms Tromp encouraged Stéphanie to submit the paper to the European Conference of Hospitality Educators (EuroCHRIE). And the paper was accepted for presentation! Stéphanie was invited by Hotelschool The Hague to present the paper herself at the conference that took place in Freiburg 16-19 October. It was the first time an Hotelschool The Hague student joined the faculty on a conference trip.

Stéphanie Visser: “My paper is called The perfect fit: Exploration of ideal trainee personality profiles in the hospitality industry. When the time came to decide which management placement to pursue, I noticed that many students had difficulties in deciding which placement would fit best with their personality. Moreover, when looking at the placement vacancies as provided by hotels to the Placement Office, it seemed that all hotels were looking for the same sort of personality, for entirely different functions. As this sounded like a generalisation, I studied ideal trainee personality profiles for the hospitality industry. In order to do so, I cooperated with the hospitality industry by interviewing Human Resource Managers about this topic. Additionally, I communicated the outcome of the research study back to the hotels with which I had conducted an interview. With the results, they might be better enabled to attract the right type of student for the right placement, in order to increase the effectiveness of their hiring process.”