The Hague aspires to be the most hospitable city

8 January 2015

The Hague aspires to be the most hospitable city of The Netherlands. To accomplish this the ‘House of Hospitality’ has been presented in December 2014. This is a new platform where parties come together to expand the hospitality of the city of The Hague. Different hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions and transportation companies are united under the roof of House of Hospitality. They work together to welcome guests of The Hague in the best possible way. Cooperation is necessary to positively influence the many impressions a visitor will experience during a visit to a city. There needs to be enough activities, but also the atmosphere on the streets can play a part as well as the accessibility of the city. The partners of the House of Hospitality exchange their knowledge and information online as well as during meetings.

The coordination is with the The City Hospitality Chair of Hotelschool The Hague. Alderman Karsten Klein (City Council Member The Hague): “We have around 50 million people visiting The Hague City Centre, Scheveningen and Kijkduin annually. Each person is very welcome and we want them to feel welcome. We want to have visitors return to The Hague and explain others how beautiful and hospitable our city is. Not only will this be profitable for our economy, but also for the companies and the employment.”

The community of The Hague has set up several initiatives to enhance the hospitality of the city in the past few years. One of those initiatives is the embassy of The Hague, where 300 enthusiastic volunteers are educated in promoting and welcoming visitors during big events such as the World Championship Hockey. As of 2015, other groups of organized volunteers, like the Greeters and the volunteers of De Ooievaart, can use the courses and trainings of the embassy of The Hague.

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