Hotelschool students build a school via High Tea for charity - ACNS Projecthulp

11 April 2014

A year ago, a group of 14 students of Hotelschool The Hague organised a 'High Tea for Charity '.
The purpose of the event was to raise money for ACNS Projecthulp; an association that provides assistance to poor children in Sri Lanka.
This organisation is committed to making education accessible to children through the construction or renovation of primary schools .
At the start of the project it was the desire of the students to raise money for the construction of a new elementary school for 40 children in the village Mulliwaikal. Mulliwaikal is one of the hardest hit villages in the last phase of the now discontinued civil war.
Now, a year later, the desire of the students came true and the building of the school achieved thanks to the € 4,000 students have raised during the High Tea . The village in Sri Lanka now has a brand new school where the children can be educated in a safe environment .