London Chapter

12 December 2013

To better connect with our Alumni Internationally, Hotelschool The Hague is seeking interested Alumni who wish to establish local Alumni Chapters.

The idea took shape at the beginning of 2013 when several Hotelschool graduates came together in London to meet with Susanne Stolte with the view of establishing a stronger, more unified alumni presence in London. As an independent but sanctioned alumni chapter, the goals set out were to create greater coherence among industry professionals - expanding beyond just the hospitality sector, providing a versatile networking platform and to achieve this through regular, more engaging activities and events during the course of the year. 

In its inaugural year, Hotelschool The Hague Alumni London, has proven a great success having organised two events (on the banks of the Thames and in Eight Members Club in the City of London) with strong turnout and positive feedback.

The initiative still has much to strive for before considering itself a complete success, however, as it works closely together with Hotelschool to provide greater exposure among alumni and drive its goals further. HTH Alumni London looks forward to a fantastic 2014, and if you are passing through London, please use the below links to get in touch.



If you are interested in starting an Alumni Chapter in your city, please contact