Master students study trip Stockholm

11 December 2014

Four full days of inspiration and learning. Our Master students, accompanied by Jelle Veenstra and Jan Huizing, enjoyed a great learning experience in Stockholm. Main activity was participating in the global conference of SDN, the international Service Design Network.

The study trip and conference link with the theme of the masters programme, which covers new approaches to service innovation and leadership.

Monday 6 October we met at Schiphol airport, the start of our journey, and my first encounter with the Master students. First stop in Stockholm: the hostel in Gamla Stan, the beautiful old city. Cobble stones, and the impressive sound of 40 trolley wheels.

Immediately finding our way to the Student Day venue, the pre-conference activity. Tuesday and Wednesday: interesting conference talks and speakers, although I expected more from keynote AirBnB, which only briefly touched the collaboration and conflict issues with hotel industry and politics.

During the conference many practical and inspiring workshops to choose from, for example on how to understand and innovate the customer waiting experience. A mix of knowledge and practical methods. And lots of opportunities to meet, collaborate, discuss and exchange. Service Design is getting more and more business minded, linking great collaborative and inspiring tools to sustainable customer and business value. “if you want to be a great service designer, think big, make a real difference, add value to your customer but also to society – do not come up with ‘another white tea cup’- we already have far too many”. Of course the study trip was a great way to get to know each other, have fun and enhance teamwork. Walking in the rain and losing our way also contributed; city trip or outdoor experience?

Thursday we had a company visit at Doberman, a leading Service Design firm in Sweden. We learned more about their collaborative service design methods, by doing: from ideation to visualising (Lego) and presenting our ‘best check-in experience ever’.

Speaker quote: “Humans are driven by habits, not by decision” hence, better understand the habits… Friday concluded an inspiring week in Stockholm.

By Jan Huizing