Our Values

Our Values
12 August 2013

Following a year of researching and consulting with our current students, faculty and management Glen Hepburn, Lecturer Business Ethics, recently introduced Hotelschool The Hague's new Values. 

It is a values-based ethical code, created by us for us.  This means our values will be heart-felt not just head-stored, accentuating our identity and culture, our mission and vision, and not the least, our passion for the industry which needs leaders not only of high competence but also of excellent character.  Our Values appeal to the individual's personal responsibility and moral competency, calling for all those in our community to make sound moral decisions based on values we can all identify with.

To support the Values we have created a Manifesto for our students, faculty and management providing us all with a north star for our actions and behaviours. 

Our values are represented by the letters in HOSPITALITY:

H - We are Honest
O- We are Open
S - We are Sustainable
P - We are Professional
I - We are Integrity-Driven
T - We are Trustworthy
A - We are Ambassadors
L - We are Loyal
I - We are International
T - We are Transparent
Y - We are Yes-Minded.