Outdoor Programme for Alumni

Outdoor Programme for Alumni
20 June 2014

Hotelschool The Hague Consultancy & Training, your life-long learning partner, launches an outdoor programme for professionals.
The Consultancy & Training department developed an intensive three- day leadership programme. We have over twenty years of experience in offering this intensive, valuable and successful training. This programme is based on the much appreciated outdoor programme we offer our students. 
Our promise to you and your team members is that you will come back as better leaders, you will know how to use your  leadership skills in an optimal way to get the best out of your colleagues and team.
The programme focuses on personal development, teamwork, ownership and feedback. In the Belgian Ardennes the participants are pushed out of their comfort zone in order to have an optimal learning experience. The programme entails an intake, an assessment based on the Birkman methodology (optional), a three day programme and a come back session. 
Eager to further develop the leadership skills of your team or within  your organisation? 

For further information please contact Monique van den Heuvel, Senior Consultant Consultancy & Training.
Tel:  +31 88 028 1870
Email: heuvel@hthld.nl