Renovation Skotel

8 May 2015

We are proud to announce that the first house of Skotel The Hague has been completely renovated.
Today, Mr Smit presented the renovated house, 8 high, to amongst others, the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees and the RAC.

What has changed:

  • The old furniture was removed and the kitchen area and the upstairs lounge have been renovated.
  • Rooms are completely redecorated and equipped with new beds and new furniture.
    The new beds are 120 cm wide, meaning that they are larger compared to the old beds, which were only 80 cm wide.
  • Storage room has been increased by placing larger linen closets and storage closets.
  • Another nice new feature are the vault that were installed in the rooms. There is a power outlet incorporated in each vault, which allows you to charge valuables, such as your laptop or your phone, while they are stowed away safely.
  • The small kitchen block is replaced by a full kitchen, including new cupboards (that can be locked!) and luxurious kitchen equipment.
  • The upper lounge is redecorated with large couches and a flat screen television on the opposite side.
  • All curtains, lightning, linoleum, wall paper etc. is replaced by new, modern materials, such as LED-lights, to give it a more luxurious feeling.


On Monday 11 May, 16 students (who are currently housed in 8 low) will move into their renovated rooms. On that same day we will start the renovation of house 8 low. Next in line are 7 high, 7 low, 6 high etc. We expect to finish the entire renovation by February 2016, before the new intake. After the renovation of the rooms at Skotel The Hague, we will continue with the lobby and the restaurant.

All designs were made by HIP Studio in Abcoude. Click here to view more pictures of the Skotel Renovation.