SDV Abroad 2014 20 HTH students in Florida

13 October 2014

This fall is set to be an exciting period for Hotelschool The Hague, as many new projects are expected to come to life and we are celebrating our 85th anniversary. Amongst these events is SDV Abroad. SDV Abroad is one students` initiative (Mariya Dimatrova) who took an idea, shared it with a few other students, and created a team. This team, in cooperation with Mr. Feigenbaum, Mr. van Brouwershaven and Mr. Fagel has worked diligently for over a year.

The results of their efforts have finally coming to fruition, 20 of the best students in Hotelschool The Hague departed for the United States of America. SDV stands for Strategy Development, a phase 3 course which is a capstone course of HTH. This year, for the first time, 20 students from both campuses spent 3 weeks in Miami Florida, USA and worked closely with Executives of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, recently ranked the number one luxury brand in the world. Throughout this exciting trip they visited the lush Four Season Miami Hotel, analysed and developed strategy by working directly with members of the Executive team. In addition, the students cooperated with one of the worlds` recognised strategists - Dr. Joseph West (co-author of the book “Strategic Management for Hospitality Industry”), who, along with Mr. Feigenbaum and Mr. Fagel, guided them through the process and more importantly helped them learn how to THINK strategically. The SDV group also attended, and worked with the students of a Master of Science level strategy class at Florida International University.

In addition to this learning experience, Hotelschool students got the opportunity to network with students in the area in order to establish close relationships with other international universities, and help further relations, and increase awareness of our great school. Hotelschool The Hague believes in the potential of this great initiative and its future perspective. Let’s continue our 85 years of excellence by broadening our horizon. If you would like to get further information on their trip and read about their adventures in Miami, follow them on their Tumblr website: