We are looking for Alumni to extend our Selection Team!

6 July 2016

The new format of the Hotelschool selection days is now up and running for well over a year, with good results. Currently the number of applications is about 20% ahead of last year. For this reason we are looking for new alumni members for our Selection Team!

Are you prepared to participate for two Saturdays (or more) per year as a selector? (The day always ends with drinks with all participating students and Selection Team members, which also allows for some networking opportunities). Please contact: Iris Geerinck & Quirine van der Steenstraten via Event Office at eventoffice@hotelschool.nl for more information.


As you may know, the format of the selection days has was changed per November 2014. This was to achieve three objectives: reduce the drop-out rate of year 1 students, improve the fit between accepted students and industry requirements and finally to make the selection day itself a more memorable experience for the candidates, and also enable them to learn about themselves.

The biggest change was the level of intensity of the day. Previously candidates were active for about 1,5 hours with three short interviews and a group assignment. In the new set-up this has increased to over 4 hours.

The new set-up includes a one hour “master class” which reflects the content and style of teaching at Hotelschool The Hague. Later in the day, the candidates need to apply what they learn during this class in the group assignment. This ensures you can hear a pin drop during these classes attended by nearly 150 candidates. In order to avoid the class and case assignment becoming “known” in the market there are a number of different master classes.

The approach to the interview has also changed. It is now one interview only, of about 30 minutes. Candidates are interviewed by 2 people, a student together with an alumni or Hotelschool employee. This allows the interview to be more in depth, in order to assess motivation for the school and industry as well as evaluate the leadership potential of the candidate.

The group assignment is now with smaller groups (8 candidates) that have to tackle a case based on the content of the morning class. During the group assignment interpersonal skills and the ability to apply the knowledge are assessed.

Another new element is the tests students have to complete, in which English language skills, basic numerical ability and drive and motivation are assessed.

The new set-up is used for all selection days, both in The Netherlands and abroad, which ensures consistency in the assessment of candidates.

Finally all results are immediately entered digitally (we bought 50 tablets for this purpose!) which makes it possible to fully analyse results and provide quick results and feedback to candidates after the selection day.

So far, the new set-up seems a success. During 2014/2015 about 1600 candidates went through the new selection process. Initial exam results of new year 1 students are up and candidates tell us the whole day is very intensive but also a great experience during which they learn about themselves as well as what Hotelschool The Hague stands for. The future will tell whether we’re also achieving the objective of better matching industry requirements.