Renovation Campus The Hague

Renovation Campus The Hague

Join us on our renovation journey!

Campus The Hague is getting a much needed face-lift. As of 2 July 2020, we start renovating the inside of the building wich will lead to a distinctive, sustainable, future-proof and safe environment for all colleagues, students and guests.

Why renovate?

The main building of campus The Hague dates back to 1966. A drastic renovation is necessary to meet the quality of our education and services. In August 2018 we started to make the first plans for this challenging operation. Now, after two years of preparation, we can finally start the renovation work itself! Our thanks go out to the many colleagues, students and partners who worked with us to this moment and have thought along on a variety of themes, for example the ‘look-and-feel’ and ‘sustainable furniture’.

Temporary housing

The main building of campus The Hague will be closed until the renovation is completed in the summer of 2021. Both restaurants, Zinq and Le Début, will remain open and practical education will continue in these outlets.

The renovation work will start in the two side parts of the building, known as ‘The Wings’. These will be the first to be converted into the new look-and-feel of the main building. From September onwards, the new areas in ‘The Wings’ will be used as temporary workspaces. In addition, temporary offices and classrooms are available at the Skotel. This is our other location in The Hague, only 10 minutes away from the Brusselselaan.

Back to memory lane...

We are making a ‘memory lane’ of old pictures of The Hague Campus, its students and staff. If you have an old picture or other material which you would like to share with us, please send an email to

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