Our Master in Leading Hotel Transformation

Our Master in Leading Hotel Transformation

Master of Arts (MA) in Leading Hotel Transformation

Designed and co-created with the hotel industry, our new master programme is for young hospitality professionals with a real passion for hotels. This one-year programme of 60 EC is an in-depth exploration into the challenges and opportunities that the international hotel industry are facing today and in the future.

The programme prepares you to play a leading role in guiding and supporting hotel organisations in defining strategic scenarios and business solutions to create environments in which hotel organizations can quickly adapt to change. This can only be achieved by managing and considering the entire hotel ecosystem, guided by the appropriate moral and ethical compasses. 

The hotel industry has a demand for hotel professionals who can lead and drive these changes. To educate and prepare these transformation professionals the focus of the programme is on strategic thinking, innovation, culture, stakeholder management, the guest experience, (project) leadership. Also the important 21 century skills like inquisitiveness, critical thinking, collaboration, agility etc. are addressed. You will learn how to identify, research and analyze complex problems at a high abstract level using e.g. strategic decision-making and design-based research in a context that is new, unknown, unclear and unpredictable.

The drivers behind these innovations in the hotel industry are both digital and circular transformation and therefore play a central role in this master programme.

What we are looking for
This Master of Arts in Leading Hotel Transformation is a programme designed for students and young professionals who already have a bachelor degree in hospitality management or a related field, like tourism or leisure management. Given the scope and context of the courses, students who want to apply must have pre-existing knowledge of the hotel industry. Students are also expected to have at least one year of relevant work experience in a hotel environment.

Combining a strong focus on practice-based academic education and increasing problem-solving skills, this MA in Leading Hotel Transformation is an excellent choice for your next career step. Would you like to be part of the first semester of this brand new MA programme? The first intake, with only 36 students, will start on 30 August 2021.

We have planned several Q&A sessions to discuss all there is to know about this new Master of Arts Programme in Leading Hotel Transformation:

- Tuesday 8 June, 6PM CET, register here 

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Reasons to choose the MA in Leading Hotel Transformation:

  • One-year, full-time programme (60 EC)
  • No pre-master required
  • Designed in collaboration with the industry
  • Facilitated by international and industry-experienced faculty
  • Challenging courses and real-life case studies
  • Guest lectures by specialists and field trips to hotels

Reasons to choose Hotelschool The Hague 

  • Top-ranked Hospitality Business School worldwide
  • Small community and classes
  • Extensive global network of hotels and alumni 
  • A strong heritage, established in 1929
  • Fully accredited by the NVAO

Programme Structure

The study programme explores and elaborates hotel transformation from the following perspectives:

  • Hotel Transformation and Strategy
  • Hotel Transformation and Culture
  • Hotel Transformation and Stakeholders
  • Hotel Transformation and Digital and Circularity
  • Hotel Transformation and Leadership

The courses are divided into four ten-week blocks of 15 EC which ensures a balanced and varied study load throughout the 60 EC programme. In the final block the acquired knowledge and skills from the previous three blocks come together in the final thesis project.

What Industry Experts Say

Learning experience

Our student-centred learning approach, encourages you to take responsibility for your learning process and learn from your peers. The lecturers create authentic tasks which increase student participation and contribution.  This approach leads to students staying in touch with their future work field, while dealing with real-world imperfections and independent and inquisitive thinking. We educate students within the context of becoming research-informed problem-solvers and innovators in hospitality and in society.

Instruction at Hotelschool The Hague includes interactive lectures, masterclasses, workshops, leadership training and coaching:  

  • Interactive lectures with time to discuss the material or theoretical part of the course.
  • Additional masterclasses and guest lectures that aim to provide (out of the box) context.
  • Skills training in the area of personal and project leadership.
  • Using study formats such as debates and gamification.

The structure and the didactic setup of the new master programme lead to a paradigm of learning. There is always a balance of academic, skills and professional learning, a mix of individual and teamwork and ongoing open dialogue and connection between the programme content and expertise of the professional field. The combination of your passion for hospitality expertise and to lead or play a significant role will make you a sought-after specialist in the hotel industry.

Application & Selection

You can apply for our Master Programme in Leading Hotel Transformation as of 1 February 2021. There are only 36 seats offered for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Applications for EEA / EU students continue throughout the summer, until the end of August. The application deadline for Non-EEA candidates is 15 June 2021 due to the visa application process.

As it takes some time to prepare for the visa application, we strongly advise non-EEA students to start the visa process as soon as possible to increase their chances of obtaining the visa in time. Hotelschool The Hague will assist in any way it can but is not responsible for the visa procedure and depends on your active approach. 

Visa: Read more about the visa policy for The Netherlands.

If you meet the basic entry requirements, we will invite you to start our selection procedure, during which we will further examine your interests and abilities. The selection procedure consists of two different parts:

Basic entry requirements

  • NVAO accredited bachelor degree or equivalent (Dutch funded bachelor degree e.g.)
  • Minimum of 12 months relevant work experience in the service-related industry.
  • C1 English level skills, both written and oral.
  • Pre-masters or GMAT tests are not required.

Secondary requirements
Qualitative selection criteria are used to assess your motivation and personality. For Master in Leading Hotel Transformation, Hotelschool The Hague is looking for students with a "heart for hospitality" and eager to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

The following skills are required and will be assessed:

  • Intelligence Quotient skills: as the master focuses on digital and circular transformation and research skills, we will assess your research skills, information literacy and analytical skills (High Tech, High Touch).
  • Emotional Quotient skills: the master requires students who have the right knowledge and have the right people skills (High Tech, High Touch).
  • Adversity Quotient skills: the master focuses on transformation processes, which means that you must be resilient in coping with uncertainty and change. 

To assess the qualitative criteria, the selection committee will:

Step 1

  • Assess your CV and motivation letter.

Step 2 (by invitation only, after having carefully reviewed step 1)

  • Ask you to write an essay (max. 450 words) on the topic of ‘hotel transformation’ or ‘trends in the hotel industry’.
  • Hold a 45-minute interview with you.
  • Review your Bachelor thesis.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for EEA-students 
The Ministry of Education determines tuition fees for government educational programmes in the Netherlands. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the tuition fee for EEA nationals is €2.168. 

Tuition fees for non – EEA applicants 
The tuition fee for Non-EEA nationals (including UK nationals until further notice) is €12,500 per academic year. Please note that if you have a non-EEA nationality, there are other costs and procedures applicable to your situation. You can find this information in the cost overview document.

We estimate an additional €500 for books and hard copy materials.

Grants, loans and tuition fees 
You can find more information about grants, loans and tuition fees on the DUO website or Scholarship Portal.

All non-EEA nationals require a study visa until determined otherwise by the involved authorities – this also applies to UK nationals. Hotelschool The Hague is in charge of the visa application, but the procedure’s success heavily depends on your proactive participation. Read more about getting a visa for The Netherlands and if you still have specific questions after reading this website, you can direct them to visaaffairs@hotelschool.nl

Part-time jobs 
(Foreign) students in The Netherlands are sometimes allowed to have a part-time job. Most EEA nationals do not need an additional work permit. Non-EEA nationals require a permit, and the number of working hours they are permitted may be limited. Possibilities to work part-time are highly individual. Hotelschool The Hague is not involved in work permit processes. 

Please visit the website 'Study in The Hague' for more information.

Apply now

Applications for the MA Leading Hotel Transformation are accepted as of 1 February 2021.

Ready for the next step?

If you feel sufficiently informed and ready to apply, the first step will be to create (or re-activate) an account on Studielink and request to apply for the Master of Arts in Leading Hotel Tranformation Programme. You will subsequently be directed to the online application system of Hotelschool The Hague – OSIRIS. Our dedicated Master Programmes Team will review your case and get in touch with you about the next steps to take – within 3 working days.Please refer to our ‘How to Apply’ section for further information or hit the ‘Apply’ button below of course!

Any questions still?

Before applying it is important to make sure you feel thoroughly informed. Before taking that step, feel more than welcome to ask any question you might have, please get in touch with us. We are pleased to have a conversation with you to give you more information about the programme or to discuss your application with you.