Student Life

Student Life

NSS 2018 – All you need to know

What is the National Student Survey (NSS or Nationale Studenten Enquête/NSE)?
The NSS is administered by Intomart GfK. It is a nationwide survey that takes 10-20 mins. It allows students studying at higher educational institutions to voice their opinion about various parts of their learning experience. These parts include the content of the programme, the preparation for a professional career, lecturers and student life and much more.

All HTH Students are invited to fill out the survey and have the possibility to do so as of 20 January until 11 March 2018.

Between the period 20 January to 11 March 2018, students will receive information and reminders about the NSS on the following dates:

  • Saturday 20 January: Email to students (official start)
  • Wednesday 31 January: 1st Reminder
  • Tuesday 13 February: 2nd Reminder
  • Thursday 1 March: 3rd Reminder
  • Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 March: Last reminder

Students who have already filled out the survey will not be receiving the reminders from the time of filling out the survey.

Participation in the NSS is confidential. The survey results will not be traced back to individuals.

The independent foundation Studiekeuze123 organises the NSS, as a result of cooperation by the Dutch Ministry of Education, the student organisations LSVb and ISO, the university association (VSNU) and the Dutch Council of Training and Education (NRTO). Research is carried out by the Dutch Research Institute, GfK. Studiekeuze123 is fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Why should you participate in the NSS?
To give Hotelschool The Hague a unique insight of your current study experience and how to improve the quality of our programmes for your generation and the generations to come. NSS is also used to benchmark Hotelschool The Hague against all the other higher educational institutions in The Netherlands. This survey is an excellent instrument to share your thoughts and show your HTH pride.

“How to make HTH number one, grab your phone or laptop look for NSS in your mailbox and fill out the survey as positive as you want your future employer to look at your degree. Spread the word to your fellow students. Take action to show pride !” - Gontran Collin, Student

Can I save the survey halfway through and come back to it later?
Yes, you can. You click on the link again and continue where you left off.

How are the NSS results taken into account?
By sharing your voice and making a direct contribution to our course programmes, Hotelschool The Hague will get a better insight on which areas to focus on in the upcoming year.

Students who share their voice by filling out the NSS Survey provide prospective students with the most suitable programmes for them via platforms such as Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs and  Additionally, the results of the survey will be used for guiding students and employers identifying the Best Degree Programmes. As you may remember, we were all delighted when we have become “Best Public Hotel School” for the fourth consecutive year, based on last year’s NSS results (your “votes”).  

What has Hotelschool The Hague done with the NSS results from previous years?
The outcomes of previous years resulted in improvements such as the setup of the practical placement. Many suggestions were also implemented in the curriculum renewal plan. Together we strive for continuous improvement and your input helps us make this concrete.

What can you get out of sharing your voice?
NSS offers great prices such as a KILROY Travel Voucher with the value of €2.000, 500 Ticketmaster gift cards for a concert, festival, sporting event or show with the value of €20. But more importantly, it is a way to your pride of being part of our HTH community!

How would Hotelschool The Hague like to thank you for sharing your voice?
Keep an eye on your email boxes.  You will receive information about the various opportunities for you to fill in this year’s NSS and how Hotelschool The Hague will show appreciation.

When will the survey results be available?
The NSS 2018 results will be posted via (in Dutch) June 2018.

Further questions?
Do you have any questions about the National Student Survey? Please send us an email to:


At Hotelschool The Hague you join an exciting and diverse world of different nationalities, languages and cultures. You study with students from all over the world who share a passion for hospitality. Students grow to appreciate and respect different cultures; working in international teams is fundamental to future success in the hospitality business. It is a life changing experience.

Small scale university 
You join a university where you matter. Only two thousand students in total study at Hotelschool The Hague. Small scale translates to small classes and greater individual attention. You can rely on personal tutors to help you with school and work-related tasks. You can contact your mentor for questions you may have about the school or personal issues. In practice you never work alone. At school you work together in small groups and pairs on projects, learning to share tasks, and benefit from each other’s different skills.

Our Students

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Our students will snap regularly from events, abroad and during every day life at school.  Snapchat user name: hotelschool

Campus Life

For the first year at Hotelschool The Hague, you live in the student residence, the Skotel. The Skotel is both your home and the school’s training hotel. Living in the Skotel is part of the Bachelor Hospitality Management programme. As you live together and share a room you learn how to socially and cross-culturally interact with fellow students while improving your personal skills in many different ways. This personal growth, as well as your experience to work in teams, makes you be a step ahead of your future career.

Amsterdam or The Hague? 
You’ll feel immediately at home at either one of our excellently facilitated campuses. In The Hague, you live and learn in the lively coastal resort and port of Scheveningen, both close to The Hague’s city centre and very close to the beach. The Skotel is a 10 minute walk away from school. In Amsterdam, both the school and the Skotel are located in the same, completely refurbished building, just outside the beautiful and historic centre of Amsterdam.

Take a walk around the Amsterdam Campus:
If you are unable to attend the open days, click on one of the images below to take a look inside our Campuses with Google street view!

The Amsterdam Campus

The Hague Campus

Living in The Netherlands

You will feel easily at home in The Netherlands as the Dutch are generally very friendly to internationals. With a mix of cultures and  wide diversity in cuisines, art & music, there is enough to enjoy during your stay in The Netherlands.

For decades the country’s historical ties with other parts of the world has brought foreigners to settle in Holland, bringing some of their own ideas and cultures. This makes the Dutch internationally oriented and generally open-minded and tolerant. Dutch society is now home to over 190 different nationalities. Although Dutch is the national language, most people also speak English and often another foreign language, such as German, French or Spanish.

The Netherlands has a moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. In the summer temperatures usually range between 15–25 ºC (59-77 ºF). In the winter the weather is very unpredictable with an average of 3 ºC (37 ºF). An umbrella is a necessity when moving to The Netherlands as it rains quite often, especially in the colder months.

There is an abundance of cultural, culinairy and social activities in the cities of The Netherlands. Major international music stars regularly play at Dutch festivals, stadiums and smaller venues. Musicals and theatre are also very popular and with over 1,000 museums there is a lot to discover.

Oh, and don’t be surprised to see thousands of people dressed in orange while partying in the street on King’s Day or during international football championships.

For more information about studying in the Netherlands, go to

Holland vs The Netherlands
Have you always wondered what the difference is between The Netherlands and Holland? Watch this funny video that will explain... a bit: 

Living in The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city of the Netherlands with a population of more than 500.000 residents. The Dutch government is seated in The Hague and the city is home to the Royal Family. Officially The Hague is not a city but a village which translates in a warm and welcoming feeling. It is a very compact city which provides well for its inhabitants in different ways, such as large parks, 11 km of coastline (Scheveningen), attractive shopping streets and an extensive multicultural scene.

Besides the lively beach of Scheveningen in the summer, The Hague has a mouthwatering culinary scene and lots of bars and cafes. At ‘het Plein’ in the city centre you find a different cafe for every mood and you might be standing next to the Prime Minister since the Government is just opposite.

The Hague offers great architecture, prestigious art galleries and a variety of museums. The Hague is known for its free of charge pop music festival ‘Parkpop’ and the International Fireworks Festival.

The Hague has a distinct international character as it is home to more than 150 international organisations, as well as many EU institutions, multinational companies and embassies. Whether you go to a cafe, a festival or beach club there is a big chance you will meet a lot of different nationalities.

Studying in The Hague 

There are about 32,000 students in The Hague. Studying in The Hague means immersing yourself in a high-quality study programme and being able to add leading organisations to your CV, build up an international network and develop a worldwide orientation. In this way, you too can make a difference!

Click on the picture below and find more information on studying in The Hague:

Living in Amsterdam

Living in Amsterdam is living in the largest city of the Netherlands and living near an UNESCO World Heritage site. The beautiful city centre will charm you right away with it’s lovely canals and over 1,500 bridges, the 17th century merchant houses, the numerous famous museums, the countless side-streets with hip boutiques and restaurants. But Amsterdam is more than heritage, architecture and museums. The laid-back atmosphere makes Amsterdam a great city to live in.

Exploring the city
Just jump on a Dutch bike and explore the city’s diverse range of boutiques, markets and (culinary) events. Enjoy a nice meal in one of the very many restaurants and end the evening in one of the many bars or dance clubs. If you want to have a cultural evening, you can visit one of the many theatres, cinemas or festivals.

After a nice evening out, you can relax the next day in one of the many parks. The most famous park of the city The Vondelpark, is on a nice day, packed with people picnicking and sunbathing.

Watch this video for an impression of Amsterdam and The Netherlands:


When you enter Hotelschool The Hague you are welcomed by our students and staff members. At both locations you immediately feel you are inside a small scale school where you matter.

Skotel The Hague
Welcome to Scheveningen (pronounced as shaven-ni-gen), the sea side district of the Hague. The Skotel, the first year student residence, is both a 10 minute walk from the school and the beach. You will stay in a double room with a shared bathroom. In the lobby of the Skotel you can find a breakfast area, a Laundromat and a sports hall for a game of football or basketball.

Skotel Amsterdam
Welcome to our new campus in Amsterdam. This campus was opened in 2012 and the Skotel is situated in the same building. It is situated just a 10 minute bike ride away from the historic centre of Amsterdam. The 128 double rooms are approximately 30m2 and contain among others a bathroom with shower, 2 single beds, a desk with chairs, a TV, a fridge and a lockable cabinet. With several double rooms you share a communal kitchen. A Laundromat can be found in the basement of the building.

At both locations you can benefit from the same standards of service and facilities. There are different areas in the school where you can work on a computer, plug in your laptop or have meeting with your team. Photocopiers and printers are available for student use and the classrooms are equipped with beamers and interactive smart boards. The latest news can be found on information screens throughout the building.


Service Desk
Do you have a question about your schedule, grades, finance or internship? The Service Desk is more than happy to answer all your questions. They are the central point for student affairs. You can go by their desk, phone them or send them an email. They are open on weekdays from 08.00 until 16.00 hours (on Fridays until 14.00 hours.

The different restaurants at both locations are both accessible for hotel management students and guests. You will be served by your fellow students who are, just as you will be, gaining practical experience in one of our many outlets.

At both locations you can enjoy lunch and dinner in the live-cooking concept restaurant ‘La Mangerie’, modelled after the V&D’s La Place concept. When you have something to celebrate or feel like an evening out, you can go to our fine-dining restaurant Le Début. In Amsterdam you can also go to Les Saveurs to either enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, lunch or a drink with tapas in the afternoon. In the Hague Brasserie Zinq serves lunch, drinks and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Do you want to find out more about the restaurants, please go to Hotels & Restaurants.

Media Centre
The media centres at both campuses have a specialised collection, comprising an impressive amount of information about the field of hospitality: more than 20.130 books, 77 trade journals, 150 specialists magazines in different languages, as well as a wide collection of (research) reports written by students. You can find several computers and laptop connections where you can work individually or with you team. The Media Centre's aim is to support you in your search for information. 

Support in special circumstances
In case you have to deal with certain special circumstances, it is good to know that Hotelschool The Hague  will offer support to help you. You may experience personal circumstances (family circumstances, illness, pregnancy, disability or you might practice sport at high level for example). Maybe you will experience time pressure from administrative activities (membership of the Representative Advisory Council, board membership of a student organisation). Hotelschool The Hague has set up a profiling fund (profileringsfonds) for financial support for students who have to deal with these special circumstances, and meet the requirements needed.

HTH Sports Club

The HTH Sports Club is the official organisation that operates all sports teams within Hotelschool The Hague. 
The following HTH sports teams are member of the HTH Sports Club:

1. Football (Men)
2. Football (Women)
3. Hockey (Men)
4. Hockey (Women)
5. Fitness & Zumba
6. Basketball (Men)
7. Tennis


Welcome to Hotelschool The Hague!
When you got accepted as a new hotel and hospitality management student to one of our campuses, life will soon change. You might have to move lots of miles and leave your friends and family behind. Don’t worry, Hotelschool The Hague and your new fellow students will give you a warm welcome at our campus. The first weeks you will be guided by a 2nd semester student, who can answer all your questions. We also support you in the following:

  • Guidance in registration at the immigration office (VISA) and registration at the municipality.
  • Health Care; a general practitioner in the neighbourhood of the Skotel and advice in health insurance.
  • Guidance of students with special needs (eg. disability, dyslexia, chronic illness).
  • Personal tutors to help you with school and work-related tasks. Mentors for questions you may have about the school or personal issues.
  • Service Desk; where can go with any questions from 8.00 until 16.00 hours.

Visit this website for more information about the visa policy for The Netherlands.

Modern Migration Policy Act
The Modern Migration Policy Act is a change to the immigration law of the Netherlands and has important changes for students holding or needing a residence permit for the purpose of study. Read more about the Modern Migration Policy Act.

General information about studying in The Netherlands
Are you still a bit confused about the documents needed to move to The Netherlands, or do you have any further questions? These websites might be useful:
Iso Pathfinder
Study in Holland

Contact us