Restaurants Amsterdam

Restaurants Amsterdam


Welcome, at the heart of hospitality. Supervised by a professional chef-instructor and a maître d’hôtel, our students prepare our dishes with fresh ingredients, serving them with care and professionalism. Sustainability is embedded in our DNA and guides our food and beverage related choices that make part of our ever-changing menu we offer to our guests. We closely follow the latest industry trends to create a real experience, in order to prepare our students for their professional future. 
At our campus in Amsterdam, we can welcome you at our two restaurants, Les Saveurs and Le Début.


We are delighted to welcome you back at Le Début and Les Saveurs as of Tuesday 31 August 2021.  



Our restaurants follow the L.E.A.R.N model:
Learn & Inspire: educational environment, using the latest trends, instructors from the industry, storytelling
Environmental support: responsible, reduce food and packaging waste, support local and social community, protect ecosystems & biodiversity
Acceptable & Transparent: ethical food, traceable supply chains
Regional & Seasonal: Usage of local and seasonal products, ‘inside out’ procurement (70% regional, 30% global) 
Natural & Nutritional: Organic or as environmentally friendly as possible, 50% of the offer and 70% of the plate plant based

Le Début

* Dinner *

In this fine- dining restaurant, the menu is created, prepared, executed, and presented by our students as they learn all the tricks of the trade. We serve multiple, sophisticated courses, accompanied by beverage pairings and high-level service. All dishes are prepared with a focus on pure, fresh, sustainable, and local ingredients. We are open for dinner. If you wish to have lunch that is also possible, please contact us.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 18:00 – 22:30
Guests arrival: 18:00 - 18:15

Les Saveurs

*Coffee * Lunch * Drinks *


In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, Les Saveurs is open for coffee, lunch and also the perfect location for your afternoon drinks. We offer full table service to give our students the opportunity to practice and learn in a realistic service setting. The key elements of our menu are products based on freshness, sustainability which are locally sourced. 

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 07:00 – 19:00


Le Début Amsterdam and Les Saveurs
Jan Evertsenstraat 171 
1057 BW Amsterdam
+31 (0)880281820