Curriculum Consultancy

Curriculum Consultancy

Curriculum Consultancy


Creating a solid foundation for Hotel Schools worldwide. The Hospitality Curriculum team advises governments, hotel chains and individual organisations on the development and the operation of Hotel School education and training centres. Clients from India, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa have worked with us on projects. They vary from international hospitality universities to hotel chains with their own learning development programmes. 

We have two main areas of expertise: 

  • Curriculum Development: 
    Hospitality Curriculum offers support for educational institutions wishing to develop or enhance their curriculum with hospitality. Based on your organisation’s needs we provide curriculum development or curriculum consultancy. Experts from Hotelschool The Hague work together with you to develop innovative and inspiring curricula. We share our knowledge, insights and skills. Your organisation can incorporate elements of the accredited Hotelschool The Hague Curriculum into your offering. Via teach-the-teacher training and quality assurance checks, you can implement and provide the selected courses or curriculum. This will result in your organisation becoming a Hospitality Curriculum Partner School. 
  • Organisational Assistance:
    We advise and assist in designing and founding your hospitality learning curricula. Our activities range from developing selection criteria, profiling staff positions, developing selection interviews, training management, skills and setting up the academic organisation. In line with our philosophy of working to strengthen your independence, we identify the qualities of your staff and provide the appropriate training and development assistance.

Hotelschool The Hague is known as one of the worlds' top hospitality management institutes. Our institute has gained a unique position in the realm of education as well as in the international hospitality industry.

UEI Global, Berggruen Education Pvt. Ltd, India



Six major principles determine, in our philosophy, the execution of our projects.

1. Cultural awareness
We believe that hospitality is one of the main expressions of a culture and that the hospitality industry has the responsibility to preserve this. All our projects are carried out with respect for the cultural background of the receiver of services. The focus is to provide our customers with professional models and to assist them in translating these tools into the requirements of their local situation.

2. Environmental sustainability
The preservation of the cultural- and natural environment is a pre-requisite for the development of sustainable tourism. Creating environmental awareness and assisting with the implications for the hotel & tourism industry is another key issue for us.

3. Future-oriented
In order to be a world-class organisation, an organisation should aim at identifying future developments both in hospitality & tourism industry and in the field of education. Trend research and the ability to translate outcomes into innovative educational and training products will give a competitive advantage.

4. Industry commitment
We always seek the commitment of the hotel & tourism industry and strive for a close cooperation when developing a hotel & tourism training centre. Involvement of the industry in an early stage facilitates the acceptance of the centre, its staff and graduates.

Professional contacts with the industry ensure commitment in terms of providing training placements, allow for field trips, provide guest lecturers etc. In the end a good relationship guarantees employment opportunities for the graduates.

5. Impact through transfer of knowledge
Our assistance activities aim at thorough transfer of knowledge, insight and skills, thus ensuring the strengthening towards independence of our clients. In our teach-the-teacher and train-the-trainer programmes we seek to create ownership resulting in a cascade effect, which means that the participant in the programme will become experts in transferring knowledge and skills to others, who did not participate. This approach guarantees a long lasting result and impact.

6. Commitment
We show commitment by seeking to establish a long-term relationship.

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