Expertise Centre Food Circularity

Expertise Centre Food Circularity


At Hotelschool The Hague, we educate the hospitality leaders of the future, preparing them to make a difference in the hospitality industry by involving them in the process of purchasing food consciously and tackling food waste. This ambition is directly linked to our vision and strategic objectives, in which we contribute directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Anna de Visser-Amundson (Lecturer and Research Fellow), Joost de Vos (Executive Chef) and Stefan Hollen (Instructor, Coordinator F&B Operations) initiated Food Circularity as an intiative, by starting an HTH Food Rescue team and focusing on several research projects, including nudging techniques. Soon the scope of the project became larger, as we noticed how much impact we can make.

With a combination of theory, practice and research, we inspire our community to make an impact, for example by reducing food waste. With our great community of students, staff, alumni and industry partners, we already created impact through: Food Rescue actions where we have saved over 40,000 kilos of food, numerous impactful P.A.T.E. projects, the elimination of plastic disposables, reducing our coffee cup usage with more than 30% and by joining the SDG charter. And there is much more to come. We only get one planet Earth. With this platform, we hope to inspire you to make an impact to create a better, more sustainable and more hospitable future for all.



Our mission is to build awareness in such a way that we can change the way how people look at, treat and value food, so that food circularity becomes common practice by the end of 2024.


Ms Anna de Visser Amundson is the driving force behind our ‘Food Circularity’ programme and initiated many initiatives already, such as rescue missions with our HTH Food Rescue Team, research projects related to the marketing of rescued-based food and nudging campaigns to reduce food waste and the use of disposables.

In March 2019, she received the NWO Promotion Grant for Lecturers for her research project ‘From Waste to Taste’. Her doctoral research offers insights on ‘behavior and food waste’ and contributes to creating a better understanding and more complete image of food circularity within the current literature. In her research, Anna explores rescued-based food as a commercial and scalable solution that can make a significant contribution to reducing food waste. This is desperately needed in order to make a wider audience enthusiastic about rescued food. Her PhD is supervised by Prof. Dr. Mirella Kleijnen from the VU University, Amsterdam.

Harm Edens from BNR interviews experts with the question: "How can a bank contribute to a better world?" Recently, he interviewed Mr Jos Klerx (Rabobank) and Ms Anna de Visser-Amundson (lecturer and research fellow at Hotelschool The Hague), about food waste in the Dutch hospitality industry. Click here to listen to the podcast.


We educate the hospitality leaders of the future, preparing them to make a difference in the hospitality industry by involving them in the process of purchasing food consciously and tackling food waste. Ultimately, "food circularity" in the hospitality industry must be part of our daily lives.  

This is where the magic happens. Within the course Managing an Outlet (MO), Hotelschool The Hague created a student-led project named Practical And Theoretical Education (PATE). In November 2018, this project became a finalist for the award ‘best innovation in an educational programme’ at the 19th edition of the Worldwide Hospitlaity Awards in Paris. The aim of the PATE project is to give students the opportunity to create a disruption with a positive impact on the entire Hotelschool The Hague community and possibly society as a whole. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) function as a framework for PATE, in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Though PATE was only implemented in the academic year of 2017/2018, already many projects have been launched. One of which was rescuing 3000 kilos of tomatoes and making canned tomato soup out of it, contributing to the UN SDG 12.3: responsible consumption and production of food.

Regine von Stieglitz, President of the Board of Directors, “I am beyond proud of our achievements so far! The finalist position for ‘best educational innovation’ showcases the quality and impact of our community through working with a unique combination of theory, practice and research. Our innovative education aims to directly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is exemplary for what Hotelschool The Hague stands for."

Happy Hotelschool Bees
Together with our very own bee expert and beekeeper Mr Joost de Vos, our students take care of our Hotelschool bee colonies. During the year, our students learn more about the importance of bees to our ecosystem, but they also get the chance to be part of the honey making process and to make sure the different hives are doing well.


Hotelschool The Hague finds it important to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim to achieve a better, more hospitable and more sustainable future for all. These goals address global challenges we all face. Hotelschool The Hague would like to achieve societal relevance, by focusing on the following four goals:

  • 03 – Good health and well-being
  • 04 – Quality education
  • 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
  • 12 – Responsible consumption and production

By implementing these in our courses and daily practices, we want to guarantee that each graduate of our school - as future leader of our industry - has enough knowledge and skills to apply Smart -Sustainable- Hospitality. As part of that, we joined the SDG charter as well.

Special activities
Besides Food Circularity and all the activities organised during our bachelor programme, several extra curricular activities are linked to the UN SDG's as well.
As you can see, these initiatives either contribute to quality education, any of the other 3 SDG's or a combination.

  • Industry Exchange
    Since 2013, Hotelschool The Hague is organising the Industry Exchange with the purpose to bring faculty, students and industry relations together, to talk about trends and developments in the international hospitality industry. The activities range from inspiring keynotes to a career market. The Industry Exchange Career Fair is the perfect place for students looking for an internship and it is also an excellent opportunity for companies to recruit hospitality talents.
  • Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit
    Hotelschool The Hague has organised the Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit on an annual basis for the last five years. Every year, students from international hotel schools are invited to work on a case and present their findings to a group of international CEOs during this event. In 2019, Hotelschool The Hague has decided to make Genio the platform for sustainability and innovation in the hospitality industry. To support this new platform, this year’s edition will feature The Smart Travel Conference at the QO Hotel in Amsterdam! As the focus during the student challenge lays on sustainability and innovations in technology, we couldn't think of a better place; the QO Hotel is all about sustainability. The conference will focus on bringing hospitality students and professionals to share innovative solutions to current environmental challenges.
  • Global Citizenship Series
    The Global Citizenship Series is a series of seminars, where students and employees can join to explore the concept of Global Citizenship. Led by eminent guest speakers, participants will connect on a variety of major topics which influence our society. The theme of 12 November 2019, will be “Meet the Future”, with a keynote presented by Siemen Cox. He will talk about his fascination with the Blue Economy and will share his experience in how potential food waste can be used to create successful businesses.

SDG Charter

In March 2019, together with over 250 other parties, Hotelschool The Hague signed the SDG Charter. The SDG Charter Network creates opportunities for businesses, civil society & local governments, knowledge institutes and foundations in The Netherlands, to cooperate effectively in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale. This unique movement works as an ambitious framework to achieve the 2030 agenda. On the platform, inspiring initiatives can be captured and found. Hotelschool The Hague is happy with this initiative, as we believe that we can make a bigger impact by working together. Click here to visit our profile.

Rabo Food Waste Challenge

Hotelschool The Hague is very proud to be a key partner of the national ‘Food Waste Challenge’ initiated by Rabobank Groep and the foundation 'Samen tegen voedselverspilling', in partnership with Wastewatchers. Officially launched on 30 August 2019 at 'Smaakvol Uden', the Food Waste Challenge is now open for 300 restaurants to register. The challenge helps food service outlets to fight food waste in a practical, inexpensive and straightforward way. The role of Hotelschool The Hague is to provide support in taking the food waste measurements, as well as in the development and implementation of the interventions to reduce it.

In the week from 7-11 October, our students were 'hitting' the streets to collect the 0-measurements for the challenge. We are very proud to see all their efforts in helping to fight food waste as one of society's greatest challenges. Got excited? Read more about it on the website of Rabobank.

Rabobank Food Waste Challenge

Partner up

Are you just as excited about food circularity as we are? And are you thrilled about making a difference by reducing food waste and our environmental footprint? Then we would love to get in touch with you. 

You can contact Ms Anna de Visser-Amundson via or Mr Joost de Vos via