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Placement Office


Our students need real practical experience to succeed, to learn how the hospitality industry really works. That’s why our students follow two external placements as well as practical training courses during their time at Hotelschool The Hague.

In Phase 1 they gain basic and practical hospitality experience by working for 10 weeks in our own facilities: restaurants, receptions and the hotel. In Phase 2 our students select a 20 week in-service training in a European 4 or 5 star hotel from our large international network. They complete a management and leadership course to further develop their management skills in the day-to-day hospitality operation of our own facilities.

This culminates in phase 3, where the international management placement forms an essential ingredient of the Launching Your Career (LYCAR) programme. During this final phase our students start to plan their future. By combining research and a management internship in the international world of hospitality they figure out the career path they want to follow. 

For Companies

Would you like your company to become a placement company?
Students of Hotelschool The Hague, who are well-known for their hands-on mentality and their pragmatic attitude, are keen on placements with many challenges and responsibilities. In other words, the hotel school students are eager to learn and to become the managers of the future! 

Practical Placement
To be able to offer a Practical Placement, your company needs to be a four- or five-star hotel outside of The Netherlands, as this is the standard for our hotel and hospitality students. 

Management Placement
To be able to offer a Management Placement, your company needs to be a renowned company within the hospitality industry whose main products are food & beverage, accommodation and/ or entertainment. Suitable companies are:

  • Hotels & Restaurants and their Head Offices;
  • Catering companies;
  • Conference and event organisations
  • Holiday parks;
  • Theatres and playhouses;
  • Amusement parks.

In addition, the Placement Office has a certain amount of contacts that are strongly related to the international hospitality industry: 

  • Travel organisations;
  • Airline companies;
  • Advisory organisations for the hotel and catering industry;
  • Suppliers for the hospitality industry.

Conditions for offering a placement
In order to become a placement company, your company needs to: 

  • Have a written placement programme that has to be accepted by the Placement Office;
  • Have a placement programme with a proper introduction period;
  • Guarantee guidance during the placement;
  • Agree on pay/remuneration to the student beforehand;
  • Observe the CAO agreements pertaining to working hours and free time if your company is situated in the Netherlands. If your company is situated outside the Netherlands it must observe the legal regulations current in that specific country related to working hours and time off.


For Students

Phase 1: Practical Placement
The first phase of the Bachelor Programme  focuses on ‘Doing the existing well’. Essential aspects are hospitality, cooperation, seeking information, and a sense of responsibility, also with regard to your own learning process. You are subsequently trained in the basic skills required for hands-on positions in hotels and restaurants, such as food preparation, serving and reception duties. You are also introduced to the basic theories of hotel management and are taught how to apply these in practice. During Phase 1 you will follow an in-service training period lasting about 20 weeks.

Phase 3: Management Placement
At the start of phase 3 you will be scheduled for a class on the module ‘Launching Your Career’’

The last, but most exciting module of the course...!
The purpose of the module will be explained to you during the class.

During this class you will find out:

  • How you can launch your career 
  • How the set up of 'Launching Your Career' works and what requirements the school sets
  • When you get a coach and a placement coordinator assigned to you 
  • Hear some examples of interesting careers 
  • Meet the Lycar Core Team 
  • Hear about sources that Hotelschool The Hague provides to help you 'Launching your career'. 
  • And much more… 



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