City Hospitality

City Hospitality

City Hospitality

Hospitality is the art to give people the feeling that they are welcome. In this context, City Hospitality has become of increasing importance to our economic and social environment.

The principle is that a happy visitor stays longer, spends more and returns more. A hospitable city is not important just for tourists or day visitors; a high degree of hospitality will also have a positive influence on the quality of life for residents and the business climate for companies and employees.

A strong hospitality experience leads to a strong emotional connection. In this theory, enthusiastic visitors will become super promoters. City residents become top ambassadors and companies will become valuable assets.

Components of City Hospitality are:

  • The welcoming product of the city
  • The welcoming atmosphere in the city
  • The welcoming behaviour of people in the city
  • How these factors are experienced by residents, companies and visitors.

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About us

As the Hospitality Research Center of Hotelschool The Hague it is our mission to create value for cities and cities’ stakeholders through implementation of hospitality philosophy and concepts, which help cities to make the difference for their inhabitants, businesses and visitors. We want to be internationally recognised and acknowledged as Centre of Expertise in the field of City Hospitality Excellence.

The passion of the hotel school is to contribute to the increase of city hospitality experience throughout the world. The Chair’s ambition is to be internationally recognised as knowledge centre of city hospitality excellence: through applied academic and demand oriented research, sharing knowledge, guiding implementation of hospitality concepts and programmes, consultancy and training. We want to generate spin off for the hotel and hospitality management Bachelor and Master education and to be a partner in related (academic) peer discussions on city hospitality.

How Hospitable is your City?
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Our Activities

Our lines of activities in the field of hospitality research and knowledge exchange can be categorised as follows:

  • Delivering City hospitality research and policy toolkit, that is leading for market and applied academics
  • Contributing to the implementation of city hospitality – the managerial approach of city hospitality performance:  Strategy, concepts, tools, workshops, e-learning
  • Being actively involved in internal and external education regarding city hospitality and be connected to other HTH research activities enduringly: Lycar projects, Wild card projects, Guest lectures and workshops Exploring & Structuring


Ambassade van Den Haag

  • The Ambassade van Den Haag selects and trains volunteers to serve as a city host during the World Championship Hockey 2014. The city hosts will give a hospitable welcome for the guests arriving in the Hague.

Denk Tank – Stichting Marketing Scheveningen

  • The Chair has set up a team of students who will come up with creative solutions to improve the hospitality of Scheveningen.
    The results can be read here (in Dutch): Denk Tank project

City Hospitality Toolkit

  • The City Hospitality Chair is developing a universally applicable toolkit, for municipalities that are focussing on improving the hospitality of the city. Read all about it here. (Dutch)



Read more about our different research projects:

  • How Hospitable is Holland? ‘Holland’s hospitality from a foreign visitor’s point of view’. Written by Hotelschool The Hague student Josje van der Wielen. Co-authors: Karoline  Wiegerink and Evelien Jonker. NBTC Marketing has done a large research into the Netherlands as a popular tourist destination. The research was performed in 13 different countries. 
  • Wow Workshop is a workshop explaining how to integrate factors of "wow" in order to increase the attractiveness of the city.
  • Pilot project at the Hotelschool the Hague. Report about the customer journey at the Parent's Day. Written by Karoline Wiegerink, Drs. Jan Huizing and Rafaela Rotermund, which is part of an EU-project. 
  • EU-project is a case study of applied research projects on mobile ethnography for tourism destinations. 
  • "Hospitality in The Hague," a report written by students of the Hotelschool the Hague, describing the journey of three types of visitors. 
  • "Making the difference in city hospitality" a report on May-symposium, written by a Hotelschool the Hague Master student.



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