Focus on Hospitality

Focus on Hospitality

Hospitality Personality and Behaviour

How can we help you identify and develop genuine hospitality?
Our research contributes to developing the hospitality industry’s core competence, lower staff turnover and higher guest satisfaction. We help the industry with professional development, selection and performance of hotel and hospitality management students and professionals. We aim to improve the interaction between guest and host in relation to the guest experience within the hospitality industry.

Our Expertise
It is our mission to make the international hospitality industry more hospitable. This is done by helping the industry to enhance the performance and development of hospitality professionals and by selecting the most talented hotel management students at Hotelschool The Hague. Our research contributes to developing the industry’s core competence, lower staff turnover and higher guest satisfaction.
We investigate important questions such as:

  • How can the recruitment process of hospitality firms be improved?
  • How can hospitality professionals be selected using standardized and validated selection tests?
  • How can leaders motivate and train their staff to show hospitality behavior towards guests?
  • How can the person-environment fit of hospitality professionals be improved to enhance motivation, productivity and retention?
  • How can the selection process of hospitality students be improved?
  • What behaviors are regarded as hospitable by guests?
  • How can the guest experience with regard to the interaction between the guest and the host be enhanced within hospitality industry?

In order to answer questions like these we build on the latest knowledge contributions in Hospitality Management, Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management.
In our research we make use of advanced qualitative methods and quantitative statistical methods such as:

  • Critical Incident Technique
  • Guest Journey Method
  • Confirmative Analyses
  • Structural Equation Modelling

Hospitality DNA
Is hospitality a technique that can be trained, or is it rather a personality trait that should be considered in recruitment? How do we find those employees, ‘hospitable people’, with heart for the guest, who are able to create the wow-factor? The Research Centre has developed a tool kit that allows recruiters to identify “hospitality talents” and that can be used by hospitality (and other) businesses to select and motivate those people.
More information on the Research Centre 'Hopitality Pays Off' Tool Kit

City Hospitality

Hospitality is the art to give people the feeling that they are welcome. In this context, City Hospitality has become of increasing importance to our economic and social environment. The principle is that a happy visitor stays longer, spends more and returns more. A hospitable city is not important just for tourists or day visitors; a high degree of hospitality will also have a positive influence on the quality of life for residents and the business climate for companies and employees.

A strong hospitality experience leads to a strong emotional connection. In this theory, enthusiastic visitors will become super promoters. City residents become top ambassadors and companies will become valuable assets.
Components of City Hospitality are:

  • The welcoming product of the city
  • The welcoming atmosphere in the city
  • The welcoming behaviour of people in the city
  • How these factors are experienced by residents, companies and visitors.

Read more about City Hospitality

Hospitality, Happiness & Care

Dr. Angelique Lombarts is appointed Professor of Hospitality, Happiness and Care. Her research at Hotelschool The Hague will be focused on the current social development from experience economy to a new economy, where the importance of relationships and added value are essential. The organisations Dr. Lombarts cooperates with, are mainly non-profit and public organisations that need a mind shift to become successful (again). The research will focus primarily on organisations in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Lombarts : "My research will focus on how by hospitable thinking and acting, organisations will perform better, both economically and socially. Or, how do you make consumers, clients , patients and employees - in short, a wide range of stakeholders - happier by using hospitality. "

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