International Symposium

International Symposium

The Symposium 2020


We regret to inform you that, due to the increasing concern related to the COVID-19 (corona) outbreak, the EuroCHRIE Small Group Meeting (Amsterdam, 1-2 April) and the 2nd International Hospitality Research Symposium (Amsterdam, 2-3 April) will be postponed. As international attendees and speakers may find difficulties travelling, we feel this is the responsible decision to take. It was a difficult decision to take and we sincerely regret the inconvenience this may cause. We will keep you posted concerning the rescheduling.


Symposium set-up

After a successful International Hospitality Management Research Symposium in 2019, Hotelschool The Hague is organising and hosting its second international research symposium with the central theme: Hospitality innovation: ethical issues and challenges.

The hospitality industry is growing faster than expected, the projected 1.8 billion international arrivals by 2030 will already be achieved by 2025. An industry that is one of the largest industries in the world is offering intercultural encounters to travelers and job opportunities to millions.  However, as Mr Pololikashvili, the UNWTO Secretary-General, expressed recently: “With this growth comes greater responsibility for translating it into better jobs and better lives”. Mr Pololikashvili stressed that the industry needs “to continue to invest in innovation, digital transformation and education, so that we can harness the many benefits tourism can bring, while at the same time mitigating its impact on the environment and society with a better management of tourism flows.” 

The strong growth, the need for innovation, while at the same time mitigating the impact on environment, society and individuals, raises ethical issues and challenges for the hospitality industry. For example: How to offer innovative guest experiences that are provided by employees who work under decent conditions and whose rights are respected? How to implement innovations in hospitality, that respect the stakes of societies and local communities? How can innovations contribute to reduce the impact on environment and society? And how can hospitality industry innovations help to reduce labor abuse?

The UNWTO’s global code of ethics provides a basic framework for the industry on ethics, but real action and improvements need to come from hospitality businesses and other stakeholders who face ethical issues and challenges in a strong growth and technology driven innovation era.

The second edition of the International Hospitality Management Research Symposium addresses this need and aims to bring scholars and industry leaders together to share insights on hospitality innovation: ethical issues and challenges.

Symposium Fee and Registration

2nd International Hospitality Research Symposium 2020 (2-3 April 2020)

The conference fee for this two-day event including a conference dinner and lunches is €350. For PhD students and Hotelschool The Hague Alumni, the fee is €250.

For inclusion in the programme and to be considered for the publication options, registration with payment confirmation of the fee is required. 

Please click here to purchase your ticket.

Small Meeting Group (1-2 April 2020)

The fee for this event is €100. For PhD students, the fee is €50. 

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If you attend the Small Meeting Group, you can also attend the 2nd International Hospitality Research Symposium 2020 at a discounted rate.

Important Dates

  • Abstract and proposal submission deadline: 31 January 2020 via
  • Acceptance confirmation: 10 February 2020 at the latest
  • Full paper submission: 1 March 2020

Organising committee

  • Angelique Lombarts (conference chair) and Professor of Hospitality in Health Care – Hotelschool The Hague
  • Jeroen Oskam – Director Hotelschool The Hague Research Centre
  • Ludmila Snapkovskaya – Head of the HTH Research Centre Management Support Office
  • Huub Ruël – Professor of Global Talent Management and International Business – Hotelschool The Hague and chair of academic advisory committee

Visiting Amsterdam

The conference will be hosted by and held at Hotelschool The Hague’s Amsterdam Campus. Amsterdam is one of the top tourist city destinations. Please visit for more information about the city.

Hotelschool The Hague - Campus Amsterdam
Jan Evertsenstraat 171
1057 BW Amsterdam


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